Sunday 2nd May

It was great to see so many of you on Zoom last Sunday.  We are going to be holding more of these soon.
This week James and Ruth are here with a story and a craft to remind us how good God is and that He has a good plan for You.  Enjoy!

 Video: God to the rescue
Craft: Puzzle

Sunday 4th April

Happy Easter Superkids!  We are sure you will all be enjoying some yummy chocolatey treats this morning.  But what is Easter really all about and why do we celebrate it?  Here to test out your gardening skills is Ruth, as she tells us all about its true meaning.

Video:  Easter garden   

Sunday 21st March

We all need friends don't we and faith friends in particular do us so much good!  Dan is here to tell us how we can strengthen our faith friendships.

Video : Faith Friends        

Sunday 21st February 

Superkids are all at sea this morning!  James and Ruth have an action packed session for you today. Are you ready?

Video : Superkids at sea

Sunday 7th February

Ruth is here with her little animal friends Bubba and Sweatpea to tell us how they sorted out a problem with their lightbulb! I wonder what animal they are?
A broken connection can be a problem for many things.  When we are fully connected to Jesus, He makes everything possible!

Video :    Plugged In
Craft :  Fruitful vine

Sunday 24th January

Wow have we got a message for you this week!  God has a plan and guess includes you!  (You may be wondering why James is dressed ready for the beach in winter...listen up to find out why)

For this weeks craft you will need: a mirror, a print out of the craft below (or just a blank piece of paper will do if you haven't got a printer).  Using the mirror have a go at drawing a picture of yourself in the frame.  Then decorate the outside of the frame with things you love about Jesus and things you love about people you know, both at home and in school.  We would love to see some of your picture frames when you've finished!

Video :  You are chosen
Craft : Picture frame

Sunday 10th January

Sometimes in life things don't go how we expect or hope.   Jesus says don't be afraid or worry...why?  Because He knows and sees everything before it even happens and that means He knows how things will work out for the better.  Take a look at this weeks session to find out how Jesus can help you in these days...

Video : Do not be afraid
Craft : Colouring sheet
Create your own shield part 1
Create your own shield part 2
Song : My lighthouse