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Pastor Colin Urquhart started Kingdom Faith Ministries in the late 1970s. He laid the foundations of what has become 'Kingdom Faith' when he moved from being an Anglican vicar in Luton to a speaker travelling the world. His whole life was focused on seeing God’s Kingdom and glory being released on earth and it was marked with seasons of revival at various times during his life and ministry.

Ordained for over 40 years, Colin Urquhart's apostolic ministry continues to be widely recognised and valued throughout the world. He both experienced and led others in revival, and wrote over 45 books. During his life, God commissioned him to train men and women to carry the presence of Jesus Christ, His Spirit, His power and glory wherever they are led to serve Him and Pastor Colin's influence and legacy will continue for many generations to come.

His final words of commissioning to the Kingdom Faith body before he went to be with the Lord were 'Take the stick, raise the banner' which Pastor Judith shared in this message on Sunday 19th September 2021.

Pastor Colin's son, Clive - along with his wife Jane - now lead Kingdom Faith in Horsham.