A Life Worth Living and Your New Life Unwrapped

A number of years ago, as part of helping the church to share Jesus with colleagues and friends, Pastor Judith and Pastor Andrea developed two short courses that have proven to be fantastic aids in the discovery of relationship with Jesus Christ.
LWL youtube A Life Worth Living
...is for anyone wanting to find out more about Christianity - it works really well for a Christian sharing their faith with someone who wants to understand more.
YNLU Your New Life Unwrapped
...is for those who are new Christians and it's written to help them understand what it means to live as a Christian. The idea is for it to be used by a Christian with a new Christian.

As a church we LOVE these books, people really enjoy using them....... and we want to make them available to anyone from any church FREE OF CHARGE!

Both resources are suitable for use in either a group setting or one-on-one... in a coffee shop, a home or a church.  Each comprises of 5 interactive and user-friendly sessions which take approximately 1 hour each (which includes time for questions and feedback). 

You can get copies in both hard and digital formats, so that the course can even be done over the phone or using FaceTime / Zoom -  click here and download the digital sessions!

If you'd like the books in your hand you can place an order by filling out the order form below (max of 5 of each).  Postage will be chargeable to you once your order has been placed.  Items will be sent via Royal Mail, second class delivery.  If you would prefer an alternative method of postage please include details in the box below.  We will aim to process your order within 1-2 working days but if you have any queries relating to your order please do get in touch by emailing us.

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