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Pastor Judith Butler
We are CELEBRATING all that God has done for us this morning as a few members of our Church are getting baptised today! Listen here to the streamed part of the service as Pastor Judith explains the importance of a believer being baptised and this powerful act of obedience.
Why should I be baptised?
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Pastor Judith Butler
What happens when you're praying and believing for a situation and you don't see the answer? Join us to hear about the solution Jesus has given us in the Word as Pastor Judith Butler unpacks how to fuel your faith for results! As a Church we are believing for breakthroughs and miracles in our lives as we devote ourselves to prayer, specifically in the next 10 days!
Seeking God for BREAKTHROUGH
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Pastor Andrea Aspinall
Our circumstances, a situation or even a busy day can cause us to feel low - without hope for the days ahead. In this message from Pastor Andrea Aspinall we hear that praise lifts us so we are focused on Him - the ONE who restores our joy for today and hope for the future.
When your hope dips
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Pastor Judith Butler
Are you ready for the King's return? In a world where our faith in Jesus is challenged in increasing measure, it is vital we can identify the genuine so we won't be fleeced. Pastor Judith brings this epic word on end times, sharing how important it is that we are ready for Jesus return and the need for His church to shine like lights in the darkness.
Return of the King
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Pastor Charles and Joyce Sibthorpe
Do you ever wonder.... Why do I not feel peace? My life should be full of joy, why is it not? As believers our birth-right is to live in peace and joy continuously but we can find ourselves losing them through circumstances or situations in life. Tune in to hear from our visiting friends, Pastors Charles and Joyce - who share from their experience, the keys to freedom and how to go on walking in peace and joy.
Keys to freedom
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Pastor Andrea Aspinall
Our number one goal should be to show Jesus off - to be so full of His life that when we’re feeling pushed it’s Jesus who comes out! But for Jesus to come out of us, He has to work on us. Pastor Andrea speaks about how the Master Potter’s hands shape and mould us so that the life of the Spirit can flow in and through us causing us to be more and more like Him.
The Master Potter
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Pastor Judith Butler
Just before the death of Jesus Peter hit a 'failure crisis' - he did something that he swore he would NEVER do. He failed where he was convinced he would never fail. But his greatest failure became the point of great victory because he realised he could not do life without Jesus - and what Jesus had done for him. You're invited to join us for our Easter Sunday message by Pastor Judith Butler and enter afresh what Jesus did for all of us by dying on the cross and rising again from the dead.
Love on show
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Pastor Judith Butler
Today, at the start of Easter week, we hear about the amazing, wonderful and ultimate plan of God to save people! This message, from Pastor Judith Butler, explains the divine exchange which God planned and provided for, when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was the ONE necessary sacrifice for ALL!
but God had a plan!
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Pastor Andrea Aspinall
Everything works when Jesus has first place and the Spirit leads! When we're driven by our flesh life becomes hard work! In this message Pastor Andrea continues teaching on the power of yielding to God so we see increasing evidence of Him in our lives. Why not listen to the first part of this message, from last week 'The other side of the cross...'.
Driven or led?
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Pastor Andrea Aspinall
This message from Pastor Andrea Aspinall will surprise you.... in the best way! It will also set you free, and FILL you with joy and peace as you listen and respond!
The other side of the cross....
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Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
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Planning your Visit


If you're planning a Sunday visit to KFSW Church we look forward to welcoming you..... and our visitors information page will give you the info you need before your visit so that you really enjoy your time with us!
Currently, we're not serving refreshments after the service, but members of our welcome team will be around to chat with you before and after - to pray, answer queries, and just get to know you!
We hope that whoever you are, you will feel at home at KFSW!