Sunday 29th November

With all the rain about, it's easy to make a splash.  This week we hear about how we can make a splash with Jesus's love with a great experiment and a testimony from one of our own Superkids!

Make a splash :

Sunday 22nd November

At a time when its difficult to see people and get out and about, it is more important than ever to remember that Jesus still loves people and wants them to know Him.  Is there anything you can do to share Jesus with people around you? 

The world needs you :

Sunday 15th November

School, homework, friends, family, there can be so much to think about and sometimes it can get a bit much.  What would Jesus do? Ruth has got a story and craft to remind us of how thinking about what Jesus would do can help us with all these things.

What would Jesus do?

Sunday 8th November

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and one of the things Jesus always LOVES to do is heal people.  James is here to tell us a story how Jesus went about healing people around him.  Do you know anyone that needs a miracle from Jesus? 

Jesus loves to heal :
Craft  :

Obstacle Course:    It must have been very crowded around Jesus, and I’m sure the sick woman in the story had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving to get to Him.  Why not create an obstacle course at home and see if you can jump over, dodge and pass any obstacles to get to Jesus?

Sunday 1st November

Sometimes we can get a little scared about things - big things or small things - and we just need a reminder that Jesus is with us ALL the time!

Superkids & Creation :

Sunday 25th October

Have you ever lost something or lost your way somewhere?  Have you ever felt like you need help in those situations?  Jesus helped this family find something they lost on a day out together.  Let’s find out what happened.

A day at the beach:

Sunday 18th October

Hi everyone, have we got any star gazers out there? Next up is another Superkids family to remind us of how great God is by looking at the wonders of His creation! You might want your telescopes and coats for this one.

A look at the night sky:

Sunday 11th October

Over the next few weeks you are going to be seeing some new but familiar faces in our Superkids videos.  This week you're in for a treat with a true story of how knowing Jesus has helped this family move from fear to faith. 

A swimming lesson with Jesus: